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Primary Response Bag

Designed for technicians to take to the place of work with them, this contains all of the equipment required to effectively assess, diagnose and treat life-threatening injuries.

  • PPE

  • Major bleeding control

  • Airway management

  • Pulse oximeter and Oxygen therapy

  • Pelvic binder and warming blanket

  • Glucose gel and aspirin

  • AED

  • Analgesia

Secondary Response Bag

Designed to add resilience to the primary bag and prepare the casualty for rescue, typically stored on the CTV / SOV.

  • Advanced airway management

  • Additional oxygen

  • Advanced casualty warming blanket

  • Traction splint

  • Pain relief (Penthrox)

  • Advanced burn dressings

Point of Work Bag

Designed for use when a lift is unavailable and technicians need to climb, this kit is lightweight and contains all essential items for an immediate response to an emergency, including an AED.

  • Basic First Aid

  • Advanced pressure dressing & tourniquet

  • Face mask

  • Chest seal

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