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The RAFA programme of advanced first aid training has been developed by experts in pre-hospital care alongside industry specialists, and is delivered by instructors who work at the cutting edge of pre and in-hospital care.

In addition to the normal day-to-day first aid requirement in busy shopping centres, retail and public spaces, recent terrorist incidents in Europe have demonstrated that the raising and lifting of lockdown restrictions may impact upon the timing of attacks.

Shopping centres are particularly vulnerable to terrorist attacks because of their easy access and dense concentrations of people. This vulnerability has resulted in a relatively high risk of attacks. Since 1998, over 60 terrorist attacks at shopping centres have occurred throughout the world.

High levels of footfall and the number of areas viewable via online platforms make the identification of hostile reconnaissance at such locations increasingly difficult.

The Health and Safety Executive states that “First aid provision must be adequate and appropriate in the circumstances” and that all employers should have a first aid needs assessment.

The RAFA programme offers quality training, backed up by a robust clinical governance service, empowering your organisation to operate at a level that fits your risk profile and providing ongoing assurance that your teams are providing first aid care at the appropriate standard.

We also offer maintenance of skills instructor training, enabling members of your team to continuously refresh their skills, and can provide advanced first aid equipment including :-

  • Emergency response kits

  • Public access AEDs

  • Public access / self-help “stop the bleed” kits

  • Major incident / marauding terrorism fire arm response kits.

You could tell that the instructors were experienced; they didn’t complicate the course with technical jargon or reams of power point slides. They backed up the training with real life tales of emergency incidents, making the practical elements easier to remember. I found them truly impressive.

This course was excellent from start to finish. The knowledge and input from the trainers was amazing. Easy to get involved with when it came to interaction and roleplays, i.e. skills stations and the moulages. I personally got a lot out of the 3 days that i attended.

Instructors were great, managed the balance of classroom and practical learning excellently. I felt like i gained a lot of vital knowledge, and feel confident in using the skills gained if the unfortunate circumstance ever arose.

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