EURIECA® Program

Our EURIECA® advanced first aid program is designed specifically for the renewable energy sector, and is currently operating on over 30 windfarms across the globe. Developed in collaboration with renewable energy health and safety specialists the program consists of:

  • Development of a medical needs assessment for your renewable energy operation, and subsequent testing of the emergency response plan

  • Training your technicians in advanced first aid, which also certificates for both GWO Basic and GWO Enhanced First Aid (EFA)

  • Provision of a medic to support with primary care issues and medical emergencies

  • Access to a dedicated telemedicine service, with direct access to an emergency room physician

  • Provision of all all advanced first aid equipment, medical gases and medication

  • Implementation of a clinical governance framework, and access to a dedicated medical director to provide advice and assurance.

Both instructors made us feel very welcome and managed to keep the course a good mix of practical and theory, to keep interest levels high.

Left feeling very confident with the skills we were taught.

First aid has typically been the "dreaded" GWO course of them all, it often feels like a "token effort" for what can potentially be live saving training.

However, I walked away from this particular course with a MUCH broader, in-depth understanding of what would be expected of me in the unfortunate event of needing my new found skills.

Chris was absolutely fantastic, having a paramedic teaching us "real life" felt far more valuable than classroom taught knowledge. Top marks - He really understood our team’s dynamic and adapted to suit. Thank you !

Brilliant course with brilliant guidance. Feel more than ready to put what we have learnt into practice if or when the time came.

An excellent course that is by far the best 'First Aid' course I have attended.

The emphasis on practical learning meant I left feeling much more confident should I ever need to offer first aid. It was interesting to focus on trauma and patient management in the sort of scenarios we likely to come across in our working life.

Too many courses I have attended in the past seem to focus too heavily on the CPR element, and forget the more basic, but far more likely, scenarios we may face.

In my 6 years working in Renewable Energy this is the best course I have attended. Not just another first aid course, but real life skills we need to work in the places we do.

I hope to never have to use the course in anger, but to know myself and colleagues have received a high standard of training from Trauma Resus is reassuring. If we have to, we can give any injured person the best care we possibly can.

Another productive piece of training delivered really professionally.

An excellent course. Incredibly eye opening and thought provoking. Not only increased my confidence massively in First Aid, but has sparked massive interest and beneficial conversations throughout site.

Everyone at the wind farm is incredibly greatful for the efforts. With Maintenance Of Skills courses ongoing, there is even talk of some people volunteering as first aid / first responders for the public.

Thanks again !

Course content and pace was very well controlled. Relaxed teaching style helped instil confidence.

EURIECA should be the benchmark for advanced first aid training in the Renewable Energy industry !

A great course instructor, who has given me confidence and new information on how to deal with situations that may occur at anytime.

In the space of 10 minutes, I've learned things that could save someone’s life.

Excellent instruction from Trauma Resus. Eurieca should be an industry standard for Renewables, given the remote locations we work in. I now feel much better equipped to deal with a trauma or medical emergency.

This is written following a real-life incident ..... Without our advanced medical training and the new equipment, it’s not clear how we could have safely and comfortably transferred the casualty to the support vessel.

The Instructors were excellent at delivering the course. Both of them are clearly experienced, knowledgable and passionate about what they do. The Course content was superb, and far exceeded my expectations.

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