Shetland Bi-Annual Exercise

Sullom Voe Terminal’s Emergency Response Team got an opportunity to showcase their medical skills last week as they participated in the Shetland bi-annual exercise.

The exercise, which was specially designed for the response teams and emergency services on the island, tested their medical skills and response procedures in the event of a mass casualty situation.

Playing a large part in the success of the exercise were BP’s Sullom Voe Emergency Response team. Since 2012, the team have received Immediate Emergency Care (IEC) trauma training from Trauma & Resuscitation Services Ltd, based in Warrington, Cheshire. The IEC course is the most advanced, up to date trauma course currently available to non-health care professionals in the UK, with it’s aim being to reduce preventable pre-hospital deaths by training candidates to identify and treat life-threatening emergencies and prepare casualties for rapid evacuation to hospital.

This specific training has allowed the team to deal with a number of incidents at the terminal ranging from minor injuries to potentially life-threatening trauma injuries and cardiac arrests. John Clarke, one of the lead trauma instructors at Trauma Resus said, “It was a big exercise that took a lot of planning, and the way the team responded to such a realistic, high-pressure scenario was terrific. This will give every member of the team even more confidence in their ability to respond and use their medical skills effectively.