Public Access Trauma (PAcT) First Aid Kits

Public Access Trauma (PAcT) First Aid Kits

In November 2021 the UK Government introduced standards for Public Access Trauma First Aid Kits (known as PAcT First Aid kits), which support the treatment of immediate, life-threatening injuries such as major bleeding.

The PAcT First Aid Kit is designed to be used by ANY person, regardless of their level of first aid training, to help save lives.

PAcT kits are being kept in public places such as shops, arenas, football stadiums and railway stations, to support first aid efforts until the emergency services arrive.

PAcT First Aid Kits may even be used by an injured person who is able to treat themselves.

All business premises operated by public and private sector organisations are being encouraged to include PAcT First Aid kits within their current first aid provisions.


The Trauma Resus PAcT kit includes military-grade wound dressings, commercial tourniquets and other vital components, along with instructions for use.

It is encased in a durable box with a hinged lid, providing easy access to the kit content inside.

A grab handle makes it easy to carry to the casualty and it is marked “Public Access Trauma (PAcT) First Aid Kit” for easy identification.


4 x Pairs of Disposable Gloves
2 x Pairs of Disposable Glasses
2 x Disposable Face Masks
2 x Pairs of “Tuff Cut” Scissors
4 x Trauma Dressings

2 x Woven Triangular Bandages
2 x Commercial Tourniquets
2 x CPR Face Shields
2 x “Sharpie” Pens
1 x PAcT First Aid Kit Aide Memoire

If you are interested but not sure where to start, please click below to read a Newsroom article.

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