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Over 3 years of development has gone into the design, structure and layout of the URIECA equipment system which is based on industry credible injury scenarios and models of working.

Primary Response Bag

As the wind energy sector continues to grow, and the distance from civilisation to wind farm turbines increases, medical response times for attending the scene of a casualty are lengthening. Because of this, operators have a much greater need for advanced first aid and lifesaving skills.

Designed for technicians to take to the place of work with them, it contains all of the equipment required to effectively assess, diagnose and treat life-threatening injuries.

      • PPE
      • Major bleeding control
      • Airway management
      • Pulse oximeter and Oxygen therapy
      • Pelvic binder and warming blanket
      • Glucose gel and aspirin
      • AED
      • Burns dressings

Secondary Response Bag

Trauma Resus is the Number 1 provider of Enhanced First Aid and Clinical Governance to the UK’s Renewable Industry. GWO accredited.

Designed to add resilience to the primary bag and prepare the casualty for rescue, typically stored on the CTV / SOV.

      • Advanced airway management
      • Additional oxygen
      • Advanced casualty warming blanket
      • Traction splint
      • Pain relief (Penthrox)
      • Blood glucose monitoring

Power Outage Bag

Our UK Remote Immediate Emergency Care Advanced (URIECA) course goes above and beyond the GWO Enhanced Standard, and is specifically designed for those who work in offshore or onshore wind environments, where a patient with life threatening injuries may be a long distance from ambulance response. The course aims to reduce preventable pre-hospital deaths, by training you to identify and treat life-threatening emergencies sustained in these remote areas, and preparing casualties for rapid evacuation to hospital.

Designed for use when a lift is unavailable and technicians need to climb, this kit is lightweight and contains all essential items for an immediate response to an emergency, including an AED.

      • Basic First Aid
      • Advanced pressure dressing & tourniquet
      • Face mask
      • Chest seal
      • AED

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