MISS – Major Incident Support System

This week Trauma Resus launched MISS – The Major Incident Support System. Is your system in place ?

If placed in public places, the MISS box would be accessible to the general public in the immediate aftermath of a major incident where there are a number of casualties, providing a range of catastrophic bleeding control equipment including tourinquets, pressure bandages and haemostatic agents which can be used to treat casualties instantly and save lives, whilst the emergency services are en route.

On Monday, we released the following flyer via our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Each individual haversack contains the following items:

  • 20x Civilian Emergency Care Bandages (ECBs)
  • 10x pairs of nitrile gloves
  • 8x CAT Tourniquets
  • 4x Abdo Blast Bandages
  • 2x Tuff Cut shears
  • Algorithms to guide each user through treatment of the casualty

These are our recommended products, but bespokely designed boxes are also available.

The MISS box is available in two sizes, a large 720mm (h) x 585mm (w) x 270mm (d) version containing 4 haversacks and a smaller 700mm (h) x 300mm (w) x 255mm (d) version containing 2 haversacks.

Each MISS box is suitable for wall, post or floor mounting and their corrosion-proof design makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The boxes are tamper proof and available with an optional alarm. For more information, please contact us and put your system in place !