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Clinical governance is the system through which your organisation is accountable for continuously improving the quality of services and high standards of care. Clinical governance was born out of the need for real accountability for the safe delivery of services. It was described in the BMJ as:


“A framework through which organisations are accountable for continuously improving the quality of their services and safeguarding high standards of care by creating an environment in which excellent clinical care will flourish."

The Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care, Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh state that any organisation or individual providing care above First Aid at Work must be operating within a framework of Clinical Governance and CPD. This includes Levels C through to H on the Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) skills framework.

What now?

The issue of clinical governance will be a daunting task for any clinical care provider and below is a list of steps that are undertaken by us:

Formation of clinical governance committee including:

  • Medical Director
  • Senior Operational Staff
  • Senior Training Staff 

The clinical governance committee will be responsible for the following tasks:-

  • Clinical Audit
  • Training and Education
  • Critical Incident Reporting
  • Documentation
  • Equipment selection
  • Risk Management

Trauma and Resuscitation services can provide not only a Medical Director but also a robust clinical governance framework and assist with the formation of your organisation's clinical governance committee. The Medical Director will also be available for advice and support both operationally and theoretically.

The Trauma Resus Model of Clinical Quality Improvement

CG process


Supported by a multi-disciplinary faculty of doctors, nurses, paramedics, and former military medics, fire fighters and police officers, Trauma Resus can design a robust framework of procedures around the training to ensure that skills, equipment and methods are up to date and effective at all times. Our primary concern is patient welfare and by ensuring all IEC practitioners are using the correct methods of casualty assessment and treatment, Trauma Resus and the client organisation can work together to achieve gold standard care.
Alongside the obvious benefit of increasing patient care, Trauma Resus can support the client organisation should an external body ever question the quality of the medical care provided. Using Trauma Resus’ records and administration systems, expert witnesses can be provided to verify and evidence that all reasonable steps were taken to ensure the highest standards.
It is crucial to state that alongside the numerous benefits of Clinical Governance, there are some limitations. Trauma Resus Clinical Governance package is not medical indemnity insurance. Trauma Resus cannot protect an organisation against negligence but can put procedures in place for client organisations and IEC Practitioners and Instructors to follow that will reduce the chances of this occurring.
In practice, Trauma Resus’ Clinical Governance packages consist of appointing a Medical Director to the client organisation, working under a Clinical Governance Committee, consisting of both members of our Trauma Resus faculty and key decision makers from the client organisation. Trauma Resus can also bring in external consultants at any time, should this be necessary. The committee works to achieve the following:
  • Risk Analysis and Reduction Strategy - In the first instance, Trauma Resus will focus on the risk assessment for providing enhanced medical care and how these risks can be reduced through training, development and accountability. Trauma Resus can also work with the client organisation to reduce risks to the wider community, and will collaborate on projects where it is felt that Trauma Resus could add value from a medical perspective.
  • Training Schedule – This document will become the ‘road map’ for training, detailing what candidates are attending which training and where. It will deal with initial training, re-qualifications and the maintenance of skills schedule
  • Equipment List and Purchasing Time Frame – Based on the current inventory, Trauma Resus will work with the client to identify and procure the best and correct equipment for both IEC training and live situations. We will also help you to obtain relevant Prescription Only Medicines.

All this information will be brought together to create the Clinical Governance Strategy document. Typically this is a physical document stored at each location, but is also available online at any time. Along with all the information listed above, it will include Trauma Resus policies for:

  • Training records
  • Patient records
  • Equipment logs

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